Passion is clearly something, you cannot do excellent work without. We at wekomm have a lot of passion. We manufacture electrical measurement technology, we produce reference resistors and uncover a lot of nearly forgotten knowledge, which we improve to make our products even better. One specific passion is directed to model railroading with much detail … Weiterlesen

A long time ago …

… these keyboards had been the state of the art. Nearly indestructible and perfectly usable. No flimsy plastic rubbish, but 4kg of weight just for the keyboard. In these days every notebook needs to be lighter than this. This model was called IBM Model M and had its typical sound produced by so called buckling … Weiterlesen

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The PTB cooperates with wekomm

Our work, especially when it is targeted towards precision technology and metrology, needs intensive communication with leading scientists and institutes. To live this idea, we are happy to work together in a close partnership with PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt), the German National Metrology Institute. One important part of this work is the direct dialog with … Weiterlesen

We made life somewhat safer

Who does not know those orange boxes at the side of the road (or autobahn). That is a good example for a lot of our products. You know them well but you don’t know who made them. Well, now you know. Those SOS-phones were and are still operated by the Björn Steiger Stiftung, an organization … Weiterlesen

wekomm in Malaysia

When we do some development for customers, we do not stop when development is done. Sometimes you need more to make your work successful.When we developed a major part of a new/old Keysight Instrument, we got to a point where all parties decided that time for videoconferencing was over. The complete team gathered together in … Weiterlesen

Welcome to our blog – the wekomm blog

Dear reader. We are happy that you found your way to our blog. We will supply information about technical, technological and legal subjects in english language. Although, some legal subjects might be in German as those articles refer to specific german law. So we hope you have fun and get some useful information, browsing on … Weiterlesen