We made life somewhat safer

Who does not know those orange boxes at the side of the road (or autobahn). That is a good example for a lot of our products. You know them well but you don’t know who made them. Well, now you know.

Those SOS-phones were and are still operated by the Björn Steiger Stiftung, an organization which made a lot for public rescue and emergency services in Germany. We are happy to count the founder of this organization, Dr. h.c. Sigfried Steiger and his son, Pierre Enric Steiger to our friends.

We were even happier, when we got the invitation for the 50th anniversary event. Lot of celebrities and politicians were there to meet and congratulate the Steiger family for their work.

So do we, we wish the Björn Steiger Stiftung and the Steiger family all the best and the power to keep up the good work.

If you like to learn more about the Björn Steiger Stifung, follow this link.