wekomm in Malaysia

When we do some development for customers, we do not stop when development is done. Sometimes you need more to make your work successful.
When we developed a major part of a new/old Keysight Instrument, we got to a point where all parties decided that time for videoconferencing was over. The complete team gathered together in Penang / Malaysia, where those fine instruments are manufactured. So people from Loveland and Munich met the team from Penang. We all had some very fruitful days of work together and achieved great results. What an experience.

By the way, in Penang you will find the City George Town, a historical City which is recognized by UNESCO since 2008. The food is enjoyable, as Malaysia has many ethnics living together and bringing their own food style. Indian, Chinese or Malayian food is authentic and full of variants.
Oh – and you might see in the picture – Malaysia has hot temperatures. The temperature is always at about 35°C to 40°C with high humidity.

We are looking forward to visit Malaysia and our friends there again!